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Providing Local Grass-Fed and Finished Meats

Troup Land & Livestock started in 2010, when we became involved with sustainable agriculture and rotational grazing of our cattle. We wanted to farm better and get more out of our land than conventional farming would allow. We set out to build a business that could offer superior food, refined our intensive grazing practices, and added pork, poultry, eggs and lamb to our farming dynamic.

From birth, our animals are raised on pasture, making them a true grass-fed and finished meat, a label that means nutrition on your table. Our livestock never receive medications, hormones, or growth stimulants, and the meat is naturally non-GMO as we never feed or supplement grain to our cattle or sheep. Like our livestock, our farm never receives pesticides or herbicides applied to it. We strive to maintain an organic-based, sustainable practice with our farm.

Troup Farm

With all that being said, why should what is good for you also be expensive? We strive to provide the highest quality meats at an affordable price. By purchasing meat in portions of an animal versus individual cuts, you save a tremendous amount of money over multiple trips to the store or market. If you are not yet sure you are ready to purchase the pre-set amounts for large portions, then try our individually packaged meats.
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We stand fully behind our products.
They represent years of hard work and education to build the knowledge to produce them.

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Come visit the farm! We are located just 25 minutes north of Springfield, Missouri, nestled in the beautiful Ozarks. We always enjoy showing people around the farm so you can see exactly where and how your food is raised.

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