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Pastured, Non-GMO

Our chickens' diet consists of organically-sourced, non-GMO grains, and grass pastures full of vitamins and necessary nutrients for their diet. Our eggs are hand-gathered each day. We sell directly from our farm, and at local restaurants and grocery stores.

Locations where you can buy our delicious eggs:

  • Hy-Vee, 1720 W. Battlefield  (Map It)
  • Akin's Natural Foods, 1344 E. Battlefield  (Map It)
  • Urban Roots Farm, 823 W. State St.  (Map It)

Pastured, Non-GMO Eggs

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Egg Pricing

Please call 417.827-7430 during business hours, or at any time to place an order.

Large Eggs



Extra-Large Eggs (when available)



Jumbo Eggs (when available)



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