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All Natural, Antibiotic-Free, Non-GMO Fed

Our pork is raised in the same manner that we raise all other livestock on our farm free of chemicals & antibiotics. Pigs are grown on a diet of Non-GMO grains and grasses.

We have been enjoying the sight and sounds of pigs on our farm, and it really has added to the dynamic of our all-natural model. Our pigs are free to be "pigs". We do not keep them in concrete and wire cells, forced to live out their lives in unnatural conditions. We allow the pigs out onto pasture, when temperatures and weather permits, to take full advantage of the delicious grasses and the healthy benefits of sunshine. They are allowed to dig and root in the dirt all they want. After all, isn't that what a pig does?

We are raising an heirloom Hampshire breed. These older heirloom breeds really do well in an outdoor-raised environment. We hope you will enjoy this tasty meat from our farm.

We currently have pork available for purchase in Quarter, Half, and Whole amounts; each requires a $100 deposit that applies toward the total cost. Individual cuts are offered as we have them available.

Questions about our pork? Please call 417.827-7430 during normal business hours, or use our Contact Form to send a message 24/7.

All-Natural Non-GMO Pork

Free delivery with a $50 minimum order, within a 5 mile radius of Fair Grove, and Springfield.

Pork Pricing

Individually-Packaged Meats

All meat is vacuum-sealed and labeled.

Please call 417.827-7430 during business hours, or at any time to place an order.

Packaged Meat:

Pork Chops



Bacon (Smoke-cured)



Arkansas Bacon (Smoke-cured)









Pork Loin



Pork Roast



Pork Steak



Pork Ribs



Whole Ham (Smoke-Cured)



Whole Pig:

All prices based on 300lb live weight; total cost includes smoking of hams and bacon.




Whole Pig Deposit (Total cost $1,015.00 @ $4.05lb; yields approx. 240lb)



Half Pig Deposit (Total cost $684.00 @ $4.56lb; yields approx. 120lb)



Quarter Pig Deposit (Total cost $367.50 @ $4.90lb; yields approx. 60lb)



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